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Lay the Foundation for an Excellent Education with Tretford® School Carpets & Flooring

Instill order, promote wellbeing, cleanliness and a healthy environment and inspire creativity with Tretford® classroom carpeting for school, college, university and dorm room interiors.

Whether you choose high quality Tretford roll or Tretford carpet tile, Tretford® school carpet exceeds the highest standards for health and safety without compromising style, performance or durability.

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The A-B-C's of Tretford® Educational Carpets

Tretford® understands that preschool carpet has to be of a superior quality to endure the wear and tear of so many children. While at the same time, carpet for early years being soft enough to fall and roll around on, safe enough not to catch fire easily and, most importantly, it must be free of toxins and carcinogens that are extremely dangerous to growing lungs.

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Fortunately, Tretford® believes that these standards should be met no matter where we lay our carpet so whether you're carpeting a university dorm or an elementary school classroom, you'll get the highest quality carpet available on the market.

Tretford® will also earn extra credit for having sensational carpet shades to feature your school’s colours while our unique carpet construction will allow you to design your school's mascot right into the classroom floors.

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Interested in finding out more about how our school carpets are designed and which colours available? Learn more about Tretford floor design or discover all the Tretford carpet colours now.