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Enticing Retail Spaces begin with Tretford® Commercial Carpet

Attract and captivate your customers with floor designs inspired by Tretford® shop carpet. Create unforgettable retail spaces using any combination of Tretford's® eye-catching carpet colours. Fashion patterns, logos or any kind of corporate branding using Tretford®

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All the Benefits Tretford® Shop Carpet has to Offer

Whether you need carpet for an elegant boutique, a trendy apparel outlet or even a toddler's toy store, Tretford® shop carpet offers more benefits than any other carpet manufacturer.

As Tretford® carpet contains 70% to 80% Cashmere goat hair, while it is tough it is soft to touch and very comfortable to walk on. Tretford® is extremely durable and is built to last. With a timeless design, your Tretford® installation my never go out of style.

Tretford's® vibrant colour pallet and unique construction allows interior decorators endless opportunities to innovate and create unforgettable shopping experiences for your customers.

Additionally, Tretford® shop carpet is naturally insulated which reduces energy costs and improves the acoustics of any space, creating a soothing and relaxed atmosphere.

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