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Exceptional Business Interiors Start with Tretford® Commercial Carpet

Inspire confidence, distinguish and define your corporate identity and promote a healthy work environment with Tretford® commercial carpeting.

Whether you choose Tretford® carpet roll, Tretford® carpet tile or a combination of both, our cord carpet construction forms unique ribbing creating fabulously clean, elegant lines which establish a sense of order and structure in any room.

Our naturally rich carpet colour pallet offers stunning options to feature your brand or business colour scheme and to create remarkable designs. Our ability to provide solid carpet sheets or individually coloured tiles that can be cut into any pattern, including perfect circles, without fraying means your design options are only limited by imagination.

Tretford® commercial & office carpet is truly exceptional because it is made with natural, Cashmere goat fibres, which:

  • Perform as an air filter
    • Reducing airborne dust and allergens, and
    • Improving indoor air quality (IAQ)
  • Promote energy savings, and
  • Facilitate excellent indoor acoustics

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Tretford® Durability is Guaranteed – Even for Industrial Carpets

Office carpeting requires longevity and durability, not just exceptional design potential. Tretford® commercial carpet distinguishes itself from the competition by manufacturing industrial carpets that stand up to continuous wear and tear.

Tretford's® goat hair construction is naturally durable and the life of our carpets is guaranteed. Tretford carries a standard 5 year limited Wear Warranty. Longer term warranties are offered on a project-by-project basis.