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Weseler Teppich GmbH & Co.KG’s administration building

Outside the Weseler Teppich GmbH & Co.KG’s (Tretford) administration building
  • Project: Weseler Teppich GmbH & Co.KG’s administration building
  • Architect: Ludger Ebbert, Wesel
  • Interior Designer: Burmester & Korte, Bielefeld
  • Color Scheme: Prof. Friedrich Schmuck, Dinslaken
  • Execution: Ten Brinke Groep, Varsseveld
  • Product: PLUS 7, Colors: 580 and 632 – ca. 400 m²
  • Installation: 2007

In 2007, Weseler Teppich GmbH & Co. KG (tretford) built a new and modern plant. With a floor space of about 15.000 m², it includes an industrial hall, a storage depot and a 2-storied administration building.

In compliance with tretford’s philosophy, several aspects of current energy discussions were taken into consideration during planning and construction. By integrating state-of-the-art production technologies, an energy reduction of more than 20 % was achieved. This investment in sustainability will also have a lasting pay off for the environment. The choice of architecture, construction materials and colours for the plant’s design was also made in keeping with this commitment to nature.

The administration building’s architecture is marked by an openness suffused with light, and its harmonious colour scheme creates a pleasant working atmosphere. Next to the walls’ delicate pink with vibrant color accents, the lush apple-green carpeting (tretford, colour: 580 Lettuce Leaf) provides a pleasing contrast and brings nature right into the building.

The offices of the managing director were laid out with elegant anthracite-coloured carpeting chosen by Prof. Schmuck. Here, too, colourful walls offer a lovely contrast. The new tretford Headquarters is generously outfitted with nearly 400 m² of office and exhibition space.