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Treford Custom Rug installed at Friars Square Shopping Centre

Custom branded rug for Friar Square Shopping centre The Friars Square Shopping Centre in Aylesbury recently installed a Tretford Custom Rug in their newly transformed central square with its striking new glass and timber pavilion. The large custom rug was installed to enhance the attractive contemporary design.

Tretford colours Charcoal, Black, Double Cream and Lettuce Leaf were chosen to create the custom rug as they are the shopping centre's brand colours.

Tretford goat hair custom rugs are available in any of our stunning 60 colours, allowing you to bring intense colours, style and impact to any environment.

The unique structure of our modern rugs ensures a hard-edged construction that is dimensionally stable. In simpler terms, this means that Tretford will not fray or unravel at the edges, as many competitor rugs do over time. Furthermore, our hard-edge construction eliminates the need for conventional binding.

Product Used - Tretford Custom Rug 7m x 7m using colours 620 Charcoal, 632 Black, 587 Double Cream and 580 Lettuce Leaf.

For further details on Tretford Commercial Rugs click here or contact Sandra Meek on 01827 831405.