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Fresh Prepared Foods Manufacturuer chose Tretford Tile

Bakkavor office area with new Tretford carpet tiles in Dapple Grey colour The head office of the leading manufacturer of fresh prepared foods, Bakkavor has recently been refurbished in line with the company’s 30th birthday.

Commercial carpet tile Tretford colour Dapple Grey was chosen as part of a neutrals pallet scheme. The mid grey carpet tile tied in succinctly with the timber floor and colour schemes of the walls and furniture.

Tiles were preferred rather than sheet to maintain use of raised access floors and just under 350m2 was used in total.

Tretford tile not only acts as a natural air filter, it is free of chemicals and toxins and non-carcinogenic from top to bottom.

Tretford tiles are made from Cashmere goat hair, which naturally filters dust and allergens from the air, while the backing is made simply from felt (instead of industry standard PVC) making it the most environmentally friendly flooring on today’s market.

Not only has Tretford removed toxins and carcinogens from our manufacturing processes (which virtually eliminates environmental damage from production), we have eliminated every harmful component from our end product – meaning no toxins or carcinogens exist in Tretford eco tiles.

Product Used - Tretford Tile colour 512 Dapple Grey

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