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Bold coloured Tretford pays dividends for WorldPay

Tretford bold blue and green commercial carpet tiles installed in World Pay office meeting area

Tretford’s bold colours have paid dividends for leading global payment processing provider World Pay who has had Treford Eco Tiles fitted in their office meeting areas.

Designing with Tretford Commercial Carpet Tile

Because of Tretford’s® unique cord construction, our carpet tiles can be cut in any direction without fraying. This allows for unlimited design options and opportunities.

The exceptional qualities of Tretford’s® natural carpet fibers also provides:

  • A healthy environment
    • Performs as an air filter
    • Asthma friendly
    • Reduces airborne dust and allergens
    • Improves indoor air quality (IAQ)
  • Energy savings
  • Static reduction (meeting IBM & ICL Standards for computer installations)
  • Excellent indoor acoustics
  • Exceptional performance in heavy duty, high traffic areas
  • Exemplary environmental protections and pollution reductions in manufacturing

The Essence of Tretford® Carpet Tile

70% of Tretford® carpet tile fibers come from Cashmere goat hair, which is incredibly durable, unexpectedly soft and is inherently anti-static. The goat hair used in Tretford® carpet comes from hairs that are too course to use inCashmerecloth but are exceptional for carpet manufacture.

Easy Installation

Tretford® carpet tile offers easy, efficient and affordable installation options; making Tretford’s® products preferable to other more costly, less environmentally friendly commercial carpet brands.

Colours used

Tretford Eco tile colours; 516 Brilliant Blue and 580 Lettuce Leaf

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