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Anthony McCall Exhibition

Close up of black Tretford carpets for exhibition at Berlin National Gallery

TRETFORD supports Berlin‘s contemporary arts museum with approximately 1.300 m² of black carpeting.

Without a carpet, it can’t be done, is how the British artist Anthony McCall summarized the situation on hand while unveiling preliminary plans for a major exhibition to be held at the Berlin National Gallery. McCall has devised a unique technique for his light installation art: White-on-black drawn and animated lines that are projected into a dark room.

This, however, requires an oversized “Black Box” to be built into the museum’s main hall and entails a huge effort on the part of the museum.

At this juncture, the friends of the National Gallery association, which promotes the McCall exhibition, stepped in by approaching tretford with the request for assistance in constructing this Black Box. 1300m2 of colour 534 Anthracite was used in the installation.

While the museum hall is filled with a thin haze, spectacular cones of light are projected onto the floor from a height of 10 meters. The light lines are thus transformed into 3-dimensional space and architectonic, sculptural elements.

Whether black, white or coloured, tretford carpets are unmistakable through their use of natural materials and their distinct ribbing. Floors, especially carpets, play a decisive role in our perception of space: They mute noise and dress a room. This will also be the case for the exhibition “FIVE MINUTES OF SCULPTURE”, in which Anthony McCall’s light installations rediscover form and space.