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'Interart' Bespoke Cord Rugs

The designer's choice for bespoke, custom made designer rugs in the UK.

Interart Bespoke Cord Rugs

Tretford® goat hair bespoke cord rugs are available in any of our 60 stunning colours, allowing you to bring intense colour, style and impact to any room, recreational area or work environment.

The unique hard-edged construction of tretford® ensures that is dimensionally stable, so will not fray or unravel at the edges. This gives tretford® the flexibility to be cut into any shape, giving you endless possibilities for custom designs.

You can purchase your bespoke cord rug in the UK directly from us. Simply fill out the enquiry form below with your requirements and we will contact you with the quotation before proceeding.

Enquiry form

If you would like more information please send us your details and we’ll get in touch or you can call Sandra Meek on 01827 831405.