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From Elegant Hotel Carpet to Trendy Restaurant Flooring with Tretford®

Create the perfect dining ambiance, usher your guests into clean, relaxing hotel rooms or jazz up your lobby or health club facilities and roll out the welcome mat with Tretford® hospitality carpet.

Discover all that Tretford® has to offer in carpet roll or carpet tile. Tretford® hospitality carpet offers one of the most natural hygienic carpets on the market without compromising style, performance or durability.

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Why Tretford® Hospitality Carpet is a 5 Star Experience

With Tretford® hotel, leisure facilities and restaurant carpet, you don't have to compromise or choose between exceptional design potential, excessive durability, stain resistance or health and safety.

Tretford's® sensational colour pallet and innovative construction allows interior designers the freedom to create endless patterns, devise stunning colour schemes and distinguish your establishment with style.

The Cashmere goat hair fibres used in Tretford® carpet are naturally durable and can withstand the constant wear and tear of high volume foot traffic on a continual basis. Moreover, on the rare occasion that damage does occur, Tretford's® unique carpet construction allows for easy replacement of small sections of carpet significantly reducing the cost of replacement and wastage.

While Tretford® carpet is very easy to clean and doesn’t soil easily, using Tretford's® colour retention guide will help you and your designer to find colours with the best soil hiding properties.

Most importantly, Tretford® hospitality carpet naturally reduces dust, dirt and allergens in the air which contribute to a healthier indoor environment.

Learn more about Tretford floor design or discover all the Tretford carpet colours now.

Tretford’s® colour retention guide

STAR Ratings are an appearance retention guide and are as follows:
1 star = colours best suited to medium / light traffic areas / soiling areas
2 star = colours best suited to heavy traffic / soiling areas
3 star = colours best suited to extra heavy traffic / soiling areas