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ECO Friendly Rugs

What are ‘Environmentally friendly rugs’?

Eco friendly rugs are made from natural fibres from renewable sources. Our eco rugs are made from Tretford carpet whose principal component is Goat Hair which constitutes 80% of the product’s fibre content.

Raw Materials used for our Rugs

The 80% goat hair, used in our rugs, is a by-product of goat farming for the cashmere industry, and is sourced in Inner Mongolia where the goats are farmed in large quantities.

The goat hair represents pre-consumer recycled content as the hair would normally be discarded being too coarse to be used for cashmere cloth. The hair is incredibly durable and hard wearing yet feels surprisingly soft to touch and is inherently anti-static. The hair is clipped, handpicked and sorted and then washed in a solution of mild soap. No chemicals are used and the waste water created is used to irrigate local farmland.

Nylon makes up 15% of tretford®'s face fibre content and is added to aid performance and ensure longevity of the carpet. Nylon is sourced from Germany where the highest environmental standards prevail.

Jute is used as the backing cloth for tretford® carpet. The jute, a renewable resource is harvested in Bangladesh and produced into woven cloth. It is used un-dyed. Jute possesses excellent, natural, fire retardant properties and as such does not require the additional treatments of synthetic backing alternatives.

tretford® is manufactured using a unique PVC fusion-bonding process. PVC bonding requires no water and so produces zero waste water effluent unlike other types of water-based bonding processes.

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