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Eco Friendly Carpets and Tiles

The Essence of Tretford® Carpet Roll

The principal component in tretford® eco-friendly carpet is Goat Hair which constitutes 80% of the product’s fibre content. The goat hair, a by-product of goat farming for the cashmere industry, is sourced in Inner Mongolia where the goats are farmed in large quantities.

The goat hair represents pre-consumer recycled content as the hair would normally be discarded being too coarse to be used for cashmere cloth. The hair is incredibly durable and hard wearing yet feels surprisingly soft to touch and is inherently anti-static. The hair is clipped, handpicked and sorted and then washed in a solution of mild soap. No chemicals are used and the waste water created is used to irrigate local farmland. The inherent properties of our natural carpets improve air quality, acoustics and contribute towards energy savings.

Tretford® Tile: Natural Carpet to the Core

Tretford® eco-friendly carpet tiles are made from Cashmere goat hair, which naturally filters dust and allergens from the air, while the backing is made simply from felt (instead of industry standard PVC) making it the most environmentally friendly flooring on today’s market.

Not only has Tretford® removed toxins and carcinogens from our manufacturing processes (which virtually eliminates environmental damage from production), we have eliminated every harmful component from our end product – meaning no toxins or carcinogens exist in Tretford® tiles.

70% of Tretford® carpet tile fibres come from Cashmere goat hair, which is incredibly durable, unexpectedly soft and is inherently anti-static. The goat hair used in Tretford® carpet comes from hairs that are too course to use in Cashmere cloth but are exceptional for carpet manufacture.

View and order samples of our eco-friendly carpets here.