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Tretford Durability is Guaranteed

Tretford's Eco-Friendly Carpets and the Environment

Environmental Protection & Pollution Reduction are Tretford® Priorities

Eco-friendly Tretford® is made using the highest-grade Cashmere goat hairs from natural, sustainable resources and are manufactured to the highest environmental standards with the lowest possible pollution emissions.

Tretford®’s goat hair is one of the toughest natural carpet fibres available resulting in a product which has a longer life. The highest quality PVC bonding agents used in Tretford® eco-friendly carpets also mean no flaking, rotting, warping or peeling. Longer life means less frequent replacement which is better for environment. Tretford® is extremely hard wearing and, over the past 40 years, has become synonymous with incredible durability in even the most demanding commercial environments.

Tretford's environmental stance and policies are detailed in the PDFs below:

ECO Friendly Carpets & Tiles

The carpet or carpet tiles you choose affects the health and wellbeing of everyone on your premises and every component of that carpet contributes to the quality of the air you breathe, as well as the environment as a whole.

Tretford's eco carpets and carpet tiles not only act as natural air filters but are also free from chemicals and toxins making them non-carcinogenic from top to bottom. Read more..

ECO Friendly Rugs

Our eco-friendly rugs are hand made from Treford eco carpet whose principal component is 80% Goat hair a by-product of goat farming for the cashmere industry. Our eco friendly management systems ensure that they are free from chemicals and toxins making them non-carcinogenic from top to bottom. Read more..

An environmentally preferable product certified by:

ISO certificate