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Commercial Carpets, Tiles & Rugs

Commercial Carpets and Tiles

Tretford has been manufacturing commercial carpets for over 40 years. Our commercial carpets and commercial carpet tiles have been installed in some of the most prestigious buildings and by some of the top businesses in the UK including Google, WorldPay, Facebook etc.

Tretford commercial carpets and commercial tiles offer easy, efficient and affordable installation options; making Tretford’s products preferable to other more costly, less environmentally friendly commercial carpet brands.

  1. Easy installation. Our carpet formats use a soft, flexible backing making them pliable, easy to handle and easy to move for more manageable installations.
  2. Wastage is low - generally less than 5% - lower than wastage of traditional broadloom carpets
  3. Easily transported. Our carpets do not require special lifting, cranes or transportation equipment.
  4. Minimise damage. Our carpets are easy to manage during installation, which reduces incidental damage to other finishes.
  5. Damaged, stained or worn tiles are easy to repair and replace. Tretford® carpets can be cut without fraying making section replacement easy and efficient.

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Commercial Rugs

The mastery of Tretford comes from constructing a superior product of style and quality.

  • Our unique construction allows Tretford to be cut in any direction, including circles, without fraying or damage, which create absolutely limitless design opportunities.
  • The ribbed structure of our natural carpet creates fabulously clean, elegant lines.
  • Our colour pallet offers 60 spectacular hues to create the perfect commercial rug.

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With so many natural advantages combined with Tretford’s superior construction and cutting-edge environmental protections, our commercial carpets, carpet tiles and rugs are specified by many architects throughout the UK.

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