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Acousticord wall covering

A high-performance, sound absorbing acoustic wall covering

Multi coloured acoustic wall coverings in cinema rooms

Acoustic wall covering Tretford® Acousticord with its original ribbed texture, is a contemporary European surface that creates an architectural look in any commercial space. Acousticord is engineered specially as a wall covering.

Designed to absorb sound, this acoustic wall covering is perfect for commercial settings such as cinemas and theatres. Unlike other sound-muffling wall coverings, our product is not only perfect for acoustic performance, but it's also made from 80% natural materials (goat hair), which are rapidly renewable.

Choose natural acoustic wall panels for open place venues.

Specification for acoustic wall covering

Weight 2kg/sqm Backing 100% natural hessian (jute) fusion bonded with polyvinyl chloride
Width 2m Thickness 0.5cm
Roll length 50sqm approx. approx. 100kg per roll Fire Test Class A
Fibre 80% goat hair, 15% nylon, 5% viscose Colourfastness Class 5
Rapidly renewable materials Goat Hair Sound Absorption – Noise reduction Co-efficient 0.15

Available as Carpet Roll

  • ACS-28 Prairie
    ACS-28 Prairie
  • ACS-08 Chestnut
    ACS-08 Chestnut
  • ACS-04 Cream
    ACS-04 Cream
  • ACS-01 Grain
    ACS-01 Grain
  • ACS-31 Chamois
    ACS-31 Chamois
  • ACS-32 Heather
    ACS-32 Heather
  • ACS-02 Foothills
    ACS-02 Foothills
  • ACS-07 Buckwheat
    ACS-07 Buckwheat
  • ACS-11 Canary
    ACS-11 Canary
  • ACS-26 Citrus
    ACS-26 Citrus
  • ACS-27 Lime
    ACS-27 Lime
  • ACS-15 Shanrock
    ACS-15 Shanrock
  • ACS-30 Brindle
    ACS-30 Brindle
  • ACS-29 Harvest
    ACS-29 Harvest
  • ACS-25 Clay
    ACS-25 Clay
  • ACS-24 Celadon
    ACS-24 Celadon
  • ACS-22 Ocean
    ACS-22 Ocean
  • ACS-23 Clover
    ACS-23 Clover
  • ACS-10 Terracotta
    ACS-10 Terracotta
  • ACS-06 Caramel
    ACS-06 Caramel
  • ACS-13 Pumpkin
    ACS-13 Pumpkin
  • ACS-16 Sunburst
    ACS-16 Sunburst
  • ACS-05 Oak Ridge
    ACS-05 Oak Ridge
  • ACS-19 Clear Sky
    ACS-19 Clear Sky
  • ACS-33 Charcoal
    ACS-33 Charcoal
  • ACS-34 Granite
    ACS-34 Granite
  • ACS-14 Sapphire
    ACS-14 Sapphire
  • ACS-18 Wisteria
    ACS-18 Wisteria
  • ACS-03 Coal
    ACS-03 Coal
  • ACS-20 Rain
    ACS-20 Rain
  • ACS-21 Eggplant
    ACS-21 Eggplant
  • ACS-36 Eclipse
    ACS-36 Eclipse
  • ACS-12 Berry
    ACS-12 Berry
  • ACS-09 Chestnut
    ACS-09 Chestnut
  • ACS-17 Cherry
    ACS-17 Cherry
  • ACS-35 Mud
    ACS-35 Mud

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There are two ways to install your acoustic wall covering, depending on the shape of the room and the installation time. Both methods produce the same level of sound insulation but will provide a slightly different look.

Vertical rib installation

Vertical rib installation

Material installed vertical with vertical rib can make 90° turns;

Horizontal rib installation

Horizontal rib installation

Installing Acousticord on walls with ribs running horizontally reduces installation time. Material with horizontal rib cannot turn 90° corners.